Feminism: Do women want to be equal or special?

According to the Center for Disease Control 80% of all suicides are committed by men.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics men account for 92% of all workplace deaths.
According to the US department of Defense 97% of all combat victims are men.
According to the Department of Justice 77% of all homicides victims are men.
Men also serve 60% more time for the same crime.
Men are 4 times more likely to be homeless.
According to collegestats.org since 2000, women have made up almost 60% of enrolled students at American colleges.

What else do feminists want???
Feminism was great in the past. It gave us the right to vote, to receive fair wages, to be part of society without being discriminated against, but nowadays, feminist movements in America and western Europe are absolutely unnecessary.
Third generation or modern feminists do not fight for equality, they fight for power over the strong male figure and against the strongest foundation of society called family. Feminism indoctrinates women not to want or need a man. They use the same propaganda that has been used for years to brainwash other women and push their political agendas. This fight has become unfair and it needs to stop!

My own experience
I grew up being told that all men were evil, aggressive and cheaters. Despite all that, I wanted to get married and have a family.
After a couple of failed relationships, I decided I was going to become the strong-independent woman that feminists talked about. Even better, I was going to move to NY and be like Samantha or Carrie and use men as toys. Let`s say that the whole feminism liberation thing is not as glamorous as the media says it is. It is actually quite miserable and it goes against our motherly female nature.

War against men

Words like male toxicity, rape culture and white supremacy keep being repeated over and over again by the liberal media and feminists all over the country. Like the wise Joseph Gobble said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it“. I am not denying the existence of rape, but to crucify a whole gender due to the actions of a few is absurd, remember that generalization is the mother of ignorance.
Then there is Family Guy and the Simpsons. The men and boys in these shows are portrayed as a bunch of stupid, lazy individuals and the women are smarter and superior. This is mainstream media at its full force.

Strong men we need you!
The government, feminists and institutions have been working hard to disempower and emasculate men and destroy families. Why would they do that? Easy, family is the strongest unit possible, the breakdown of traditional family is the breakdown of society.
With divorce, the government wins. Lawyers and judges get paid big money in divorce courts, real state profits go up. Instead of one house you now need two. You need money for the newly divorced couple, more money for daycare, and to pay more taxes. 

Strong masculine males are a huge threat to the government.  They posses guns, they live by their own rules, and they will not be  controlled. They are stubborn, therefore, they are a threat to society. The “softer” the men are, the easier they are to control.

Rape culture?
First of all there’s no such thing as rape culture in the United States. Rape culture exist in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and other places where feminists don’t like to explore. In the US, Canada and western Europe, rape is not common and it is not culturally accepted. In fact, men are being arrested with accusations of rape even if sex is consensual. However, feminists are trying to convince American women that they live in a rape culture. To say that every man is on the verge of raping women is slandering to men. This hysteria of rape culture has made it more difficult for real rape victims to be taken seriously because some women are confused by the term and others are using it to their advantage.

Wage gap?
There has been another myth that men get paid more than women in the same profession. The studies that propagate this myth compare the average earnings of men and women and leave out some variables. The wage gaps are explained by career choices and hours worked. For example, women doctors tend to chose more entry level medical carriers such as pediatrics, whereas men generally go for anesthesiology, surgery, etc. Also women tend to work less hours than men overall, usually due to family obligations. Don`t forget men, also, work the dirtiest jobs that women wouldn`t risk taking.
In 2014, the Office for National Statistics in the UK revealed that, women working for more than 30 hours a week were actually paid 1.1% more than men in the 22 to 29 age bracket and, for the first time were also paid more in the 30 to 39 age bracket.

Modern day feminism is toxic for everyone
Feminists celebrate while more children grow up in homes without fathers. According to the US department of justice 70% of prisoners grew up without a father figure.
They encourage divorce and the disposability of men.
They believe in gender wage gap, quotas, glass ceiling and victimizing women.
Feminism encourages promiscuity as a form of liberation.
Feminists hate men but want to be like them, oh wait, they want to be special as well.
Feminism teaches that masculinity is harmful and you should be ashamed to be a man.
Feminism takes men`s issues for granted.
Feminism downplays the desire for women to have a family and hype the rewards of career and casual sex.

Beware of male feminists “THEY JUST WANT FEMALE ATTENTION”

Gender roles bring harmony
Feminists need to accept that men are the protectors and providers, and women are nurturers.
Despite all the progress that women made since the 1970`s a recent study from the university of Pennsylvania suggests that women are more unhappy than ever. Would that be because the pressure of modern life has taken a tool on her family?

Does modern feminism fit in the 4 pillars of sustainability?

Environmentally friendly? No. Third wave or modern feminism goes against human nature of male provider and nurturing woman. It promotes an imbalance in the human environment  by undermining the role of the male in our society. This kind of feminist movement is based on the confusing assumption that all males are either predators or disposable objects.

Economically feasible?  Feminism can be economically good for institutions but not for individuals . For example: Divorce is good for the real estate market, lawyers and judges,  working mothers support daycares, however tax payers pay for  many single mothers expenses. Many families go bankrupt after divorce, usually the man, but a lot of women do too. Another fact that not many people consider is that men and women, now more than ever, compete for the same jobs, driving down the job and wage value in the market.

Socially  fair?  It is unfair to men. Generalization is the mother of ignorance and it is very dangerous to say that most men are bad. Feminists forget that men made it possible for women to be in the very good place that they are today.

Culturally acceptable? We live in a culture with a lot of misinformation and propaganda. Unfortunately when things like masculine toxicity, rape culture and white supremacy keep being repeated over and over again by the media, they become accepted by the majority. The good thing is that more and more women are starting to rebel against this type of generalization.

I was brainwashed and indoctrinated in this idea of victimhood, and I do not want my girls to be like me. I want our kids to grow up to respect and appreciate men as much as they are respected and appreciated. I want our girls to understand that men are their partners and not their enemies.

If you agree with me please leave your comment and if you don`t agree leave your comments as well as I do appreciate anyone that takes the time to read this article.

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13 thoughts on “ Feminism: Do women want to be equal or special?

  1. Este artigo é um esclarecimento para uma vida mais digna para a humanidade. Fala-se principalmente da família, respeito, amor. O papel do homem e mulher neste núcleo é de grande importância para a criação dos filhos . Se fôssemos para sermos “independentes” ao ponto de criarmos nossos filhos sozinhas não seria necessário uma pessoa do sexo masculino para haver a procriação.
    Sou uma mulher divorciada, criei minhas filhas sozinhas, foi dificílimo para mim e para elas, mesmo eu com uma ótima condição financeira, mas não foi o suficiente para manter a felicidade íntima delas, sempre faltou algo nas suas vidas e tenha certeza foi a presença de um pai dentro da família. Podem perguntar a cada uma delas e terão a confirmação do que falo. Ser feminista, dona da razão, nunca mais. Família, respeito, amor é o que quero para os meus netos.


  2. I don’t know much or have a strong opinion about the subject of Feminism. However, all I can say is I have been the “independent successful single woman” and the “married to my husband” and having my husband as my partner IS THE WINNER!!! It’s a struggle sometimes but wouldn’t change it for anything in this world. God did not create us to be alone in this world. He CREATED us, Man and Women to be partners and experience this world, good and bad together!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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